January of 1995 R33 GTR Just Arrived!
May 24, 2019 Posted by: Doston

R33 GTRs have been the hot car to have in the last few months. With time inching closer and closer to the date they become USA import legal it is no surprise. Finding nice condition 1995 BCNR33ss for sale in Japan has not been easy lately. We have managed yet again though and now have this beautiful 1995 Nissan Skyline GTR R33 available for sale!

White looks great on just about any car but on this R33 GTR it is just perfect! Only 96,000 KM on the clock and they are all original. The car is mostly stock with a few nice upgrades like intakes, exhaust, suspension and some nice factory option aero pieces. 


 photo fullsizeoutput_12ff_zpsxctgx0mv.jpeg

The BEST thing about this R33 GTR that we have for sale is that is is a January of 1995 which makes it one of the very first that will be able to be imported to the USA in only a few months. We are already seeing a rise in demand for these cars but you can guarantee that when something like this car hits the US roads in 7 months that even more people are going to be after them. It's definitely going to be best to scoop it up now and store it for a few months to avoid the price hike later on. 

 photo fullsizeoutput_12cf_zpsqrm71dhj.jpeg

Since this one has just arrived we haven't had a chance to take all the detailed pictures and list it on our inventory section but keep checking back because it will soon be on there....unless it sells out before we even get the chance to (which a lot of them have been). Contact us directly on Facebook or by email if you are interested in this car or any of our other beautiful JDM cars for sale. 

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