Customer Satisfaction and Transparency

We understand that buying a Japanese sports car online can seem like a scary process. At Garage Defend we hope to relinquish that feeling with our proven track record of satisfied customers. We work around the clock from the time you first contact us to the time your car is in your possession and you are happy. We are committed to producing nothing but satisfied customers and are proud to have upheld that standard. Feel free to check out our reviews on both Facebook and Google and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and ask. 

Top Quality at a Great Price

Quality and price are the two most important factors in the JDM car business for both our shop and our customers. At Garage Defend we provide only the best quality cars in the market, at the best price possible. Unlike most car export companies, we are able to cut the cost of using a middle man. We directly source our cars from local customers of our shop, local dealers who do not export cars and from the many Japanese auction halls. By doing all of this ourselves and not having to use an auction agent or broker we are able to cut cost and supply our customers with the best cars at the best prices.

Subject Matter Experts

We have been in the Japanese automotive business since 1996 when we established Garage Defend. Through the years of our hard work, our love of JDM sports cars and our deep commitment to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction we have become who we are today - world famous JDM Shop with the specialization and largest inventory of Nissan Skyline GT-Rs in world. We use all of this experience to benefit our customers by finding and sourcing only the best cars. Our experts personally go and inspect cars across Japan upon request to ensure only quality cars are being sourced. At Garage Defend we are here to offer our years of experience to help you! 

Largest Inventory of JDM Sports Cars

At Garage Defend we have the largest selection of Nissan Skyline GTRs and many other JDM sports cars for sale in Japan. At any given time we have multiple R34 GTRs, R33 GTRs, R32 GTRs, Toyota Supras, Honda NSXs, Mazda RX-7s and everything else you can think of in stock and ready for you to inspect and compare before making a purchase. In addition to our large stock we also have a partnership with multiple local dealers all over Japan and exclusively provide their cars for international customers and export them. We also have a very good relationship with many of our local customers who's cars we have worked on for years and frequently buy cars from them. Having plenty of cars to choose from is important when making a purchase like this and we are proud to be able to give you the options you deserve. Check out our current stock here and contact us if you are interested in sourcing a car by other means!